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Wholesale for your CBD products

There are currently a lot of providers when it comes to all possible types of CBD products. Now of course you want to make sure that you will get the best quality you can find.

Below we show everything about the products that our CBD wholesaler can deliver for you. This information will give you a better understanding of what exactly you can expect from the products.

What can we offer?

If you choose our products, you can be sure that they comply with European legislation. The products available from us can be divided into the following categories: 0,2% THC, 0,05% THC, or 0% THC.

CBD oil

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil: At the moment this is the most popular type of CBD oil. This oil also has other added cannabinoids. This makes it a very popular option to go for. This oil is provided with terpenes that provide the 'entourage effect'. This effect means that there are different substances that together can provide a more powerful effect when used.

CBD and CBDa RAW oil:
Many people know this CBD oil because of the incredibly high quality that you can find in it. There is a lack of heating during the production process. This ensures that all terpenes are present and that they ensure an optimal effect during use.

CBD oil pure isolate
: This is currently the purest CBD oil you can find. This oil is made from a pure isolate, so no other cannabinoids have been added to the oil. If you really only want to ingest CBD, this is the best choice to make.

CBG and CBN oil

Full spectrum and isolate CBG oil: It is possible to choose from CBG oil RAW and CBG oil from isolate. Both are provided with CBG, this is a big difference from the other type of oil. The CBG oil is rich in cannabinoids

CBN oil pure: This is a new oil that has not been available on the European market for a long time. The economical price and excellent mild flavor of the oil make this a very popular option to go for.

Water soluble CBD

Bio water soluble CBD:  This water-soluble oil is much stronger than the other types of oil. This means that the drops have more power. because you can always dissolve the oil, it is possible to use the oil in a pleasant way.

CBD edibles (edible CBD products)

CBD lollipops: If you choose the CBD lollipops, there are many options to choose. A lot is also possible for the numbers. You can consume these lollipops in a normal way, just like any other lollipop

Honey flavored CBD sticks: These are special honey sticks in plastic. You can easily open it and then pour it into your mouth. It is one of the easiest ways to get your daily dose of CBD.

CBD gummy bears
: These are very tasty candies that you can find in different packaging, because this depends on the quantity you order. Ideal to take with you and fun to give away.

CBD gummy bears with watermelon flavor: If you are looking for sweets with a special taste, these CBD gummy bears are the choice to go for. Due to the sweet taste, these candies are very popular.

Skin care

CBD ointment: If you want to support your skin in the best way, it is not a wrong idea to choose CBD ointment. This CBD salve is super easy to apply and will work wonders for your skin. The effects of the CBD will depend on where you put it on.

CBD cream: The CBD cream can also be used easily.

CBD massage oil: If you want to relax your muscles, it is not a wrong idea to choose CBD massage oil. This oil makes it possible to restore the skin and to relax the muscles at the same time. This really makes it a great asset to your bathroom.

CBD pleasure spray: This intimate spray is ideal for all people who also want to become intimate after relaxation. Due to the many effects you will really be able to take your bed experience to the next level.

CBD patches: The CBD patch allows the user to apply the CBD through the skin. This makes it one of the easiest ways to get the CBD. The bioavailability makes it a good choice to go for, it is 6 times as high as a drop under the tongue.

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CBD for Animals

CBD oil for (pets) animals: This CBD oil is especially intended for your pets, not for humans. Both large and small pets can make use of this. The CBD oil is mixed with salmon oil to give it a good taste. Ideal for your dog or cat.

Other options

CBD isolate: Of all CBD products, this is the purest form you can find. With a CBD isolate, the CBD percentage is 99,6%. This is really a lot more than the other types of products. You can find this product in small jars.

CBD crumbles: The use of the Crumbles includes, for example, using CBD for smoking or dabbing, as well as for cooking. The Crumbles are rich in CBD and are also sometimes called CBD wax.

CBD soft gels - The soft gels packaging is ideal for all people who want to consume CBD, but who don't like the taste. A jar is really a great asset. Due to the absence of animal products, you can also consume this product as a vegan. This makes it a very sustainable and natural product to consume.

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