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CBD for athletes is no longer on the doping list

As you know, athletes will do everything they can to improve their performance during competitions. Now it is not the intention that athletes massively resort to illegal means. This is the reason that we have special doping lists. A while ago CBD was removed from this doping list.

Wondering why this happened and what the reasons are actually why CBD for athletes so ideal to take? Be sure to read this article carefully. We have made it a bit easier for you today by listing the most important information about CBD for athletes!

CBD off the doping list

From the beginning of 2018, the substance CBD has been removed from the doping list. This also follows a statement from the World Anti Doping Agency. This substance was used by more and more athletes as a supplement to improve their performance. Due to the many advantages, it is therefore not surprising that so many athletes choose this. The main reason the World Anti Doping Agency has decided to remove CBD from the list is that it does offer benefits, but that they are not such as to be unfair to other players. In addition, CBD has no negative effects now that it contains no THC. This is the substance that is also in the cannabis plant and that makes you high.

Particularly popular for fitness

We see that CBD is mainly used among people who enjoy working out in the gym. Most people who use CBD and who exercise choose one CBD oil with a relatively low pure percentage. This oil is often provided with added vitamins such as vitamin B12. What are the benefits of CBD for fitness you wonder? We have listed the most important advantages for you below:

  • With CBD you can feel a lot fitter than before
  • CBD may be able to optimally support muscle growth
  • The substance ensures the production of new cells and tissue
  • Thanks to CBD you can release energy from your food
  • CBD gives you a stronger immune system
  • CBD may be able to help improve your fitness
  • CBD will significantly improve your resistance

A completely natural fabric

One of the special features of CBD is of course that it can be regarded as a natural food supplement. This really means that all substances contained here can be regarded as natural. This makes it a lot better than other supplements out there at the moment. It is the case that many supplements contain chemicals. These chemicals can cause bad effects. By choosing natural CBD oil you will not have to worry about this. Make sure that the CBD product you choose has been tested by a laboratory and produced under GMP and HACCP certification

As we briefly mentioned, it is not possible to get high from CBD. This is due to the fact that the substance THC is not present in the oil. This is the substance that we find in cannabis plants that normally causes a high feeling. It is important to always buy your CBD from a reliable party. This is the only way you can be sure that your CBD does not contain THC but that it is really pure CBD oil only.

The different types of CBD oil

If you would like to start with CBD before exercising, it is necessary to think about the type of oil you want. The choice mainly depends on the strength you want. it is important to know that it is not always necessary to choose the strongest variant. it is not the case that the effects are also much better if you take a lot of CBD. Below we have made a selection with the most chosen types of CBD oil that you can find at the moment:

  • 2,5% - 5% I Light variant

This is the lightest version you can choose at the moment. Due to the fact that this variant can be regarded as light, it is even possible for children to consume it with pets. It is also a good option for people who would like to start with a CBD product to see what it actually does. Shop CBD oil 5% online.

  • 5% - 10% I Average strength

This oil is currently the most popular variant to choose. This oil is suitable for people who have been using CBD for a long time or who notice that the above option is still a bit too light. It is also a good dosage for the people who use it as a daily supplement. CBD Oil 10% en CBD Oil 10% for Athletes you can easily buy in our store with iDeal.

  • 10% - 25% I Heaviest variant

The last option is to choose this variant. This option is again suitable for the people who notice that the above dosage is not enough. Be aware of the fact that you are working with a higher dosage here. It is really necessary to know how you react to CBD before giving this a chance.

If you also want to improve your performance during exercise, CBD could just be a good option to try out. Because of the many benefits you can be sure that you can really get the most out of your training. In addition, there are actually no negative effects to be noticed when consuming CBD.

Anyone who wants to learn a lot more when it comes to CBD and sports would be wise to stick around on this site. here you can find many more articles that show you everything about the benefits that this substance can bring.

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