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CannaCans x Natural CBD Warming Up Oil
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CannaCans x Natural CBD Warming Up Oil


Available in 20 ml bottle with pump bottle
100 mg CBD

Warm-up and recovery of stiff, tight or tender muscles. To be used before, during or after exercise.

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A trusted remedy for muscles. CBD Warming-Up Oil is based on an ancient Chinese recipe composed of essential oils. These oils are volatile and can therefore enter the body directly through the skin to deliver their properties to the body. The unique combination of natural oils from beneficial plants provides a powerful depth effect in the muscle tissue.

It is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not draw the blood to the surface. By stimulating blood circulation, the waste products (lactic acid) are removed faster, which slows down the acidification of the muscles. As a result, the muscle oil accelerates the process of muscle recovery.

CBD Warming-Up Oil has also proven its worth in the field of sports care. Immediately after a sporting effort, a competition or training, lightly rub the heavily stressed muscles with CBD Warming-Up Oil. In the case of minor sports injuries, such as hairline cracks and fluid retention, CBD Warming-Up Oil is able to provide relief within minutes and allow muscle tissue to recover faster. CBD Warming-Up Oil also works preventively and as a warm-up.


One-two pumps and rub on the muscles, tendons and joints with the pump bottle. You will feel the results within a short period of time. Repeat this action 2 to 5 times a day as needed.


– CBD soothing, relaxing
– Rapeseed oil makes stiff joints supple, soothing to the skin
– Hemp seed oil contains a lot of antioxidants, amino acids and proteins
– Sunflower oil promotes blood circulation, prevents acidification
– Menthol crystals prevents muscle cramping, cooling
– Camphor crystals floating in urine, promoting blood flow
– Eucalyptus stimulates blood circulation, antispasmodic
– Wintergreen relieving, calming, cramp-reducing, cooling
– Lavender relieving, antispasmodic, prevents inflammation
– Peppermint antispasmodic, reduces nausea
– Rosemary antispasmodic, relieving
– Marjoram calming, spasmodic, relieving
– Pine resin promotes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from sources of ignition or open flame. It is possible that sometimes and hypersensitivity to certain ingredients can arise. Then stop using this product. An acute skin reaction can be treated by immediately applying vegetable oil to the affected area. If this product gets into eyes, rinse with running water.