20% cbd oil
CBD Oil 20%
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CBD Oil 20%


Contains 20% CBD
Contains 0% THC

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CBD Oil 20% CBD - 10ML (CannaCans)

Is the hustle and bustle we all face today too much for you? Do you have problems sleeping, chronic pain or are you simply unable to relax? Then the CBD oil from CannaCans a natural and safe solution. CBD oil is an oil with extracts from the hemp plant. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an oil that you use to get high.

It is an oil that calms, gives peace, helps with sleeping problems and with which you fight pain. You can take it any time of the day without experiencing any unpleasant side effects. In addition to this powerful 20 percent oil, we also have, 5 percent CBD oil en 10 percent CBD oil.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound from the cannabis sativa plant. The acronym stands for cannabidiol, but it is more commonly known as marijuana. This is the name that appears in the US National Library of Medicine, but that we also use popularly enough. The cannabis sativa plant contains no less than 304 cannabinoids and these can be processed in oil, but also in edibles and other end products.

When you take it in, you experience a sense of calm and relaxation. CBD is therefore a natural product that occurs in a plant and that works particularly well if you experience stress, pain or sleeping problems. Some people swear by it, mainly because it doesn't get you high and you can just keep doing your daily activities.

The 20% CBD oil from CannaCans

The 20% CBD oil is the strongest variant that CannaCans offers. If you are new to CBD, it is better to start with the 10% or 5% oils. You can always switch to the 20% oil if you wish. It is an ideal option if you want to increase your CBD dose and use it as an addition to your healthy lifestyle. Like all CBD oils from CannaCans, the 20% CBD oil is also produced according to strict European guidelines.

  • Skal certified.
  • For sale in 10 milliliter packaging.
  • It contains 2000 mg of CBD.
  • And no THC.

Pure and natural

All CannaCans CBD oils are made from the best raw materials. Organically grown hemp plants are used. Here the CBD is extracted by means of a critical CO2 process. This is then processed, which means that all inactive plant materials are removed. The result is a pure and clear oil to which olive oil and hemp seed oil are added.

These two oils also contain a number of important nutrients that benefit your health. The clear oil contains no additives, no genetically modified organisms and no other unwanted substances. It is organic, vegan and completely natural.

A powerful oil

The 20% CBD oil from CannaCans is the strongest oil we sell. The percentage of CBD is 20%, which means that you can achieve the desired effects with a small dose. Perhaps the 10% CBD oil is too weak for you and that does not help to combat your complaints. In the 20% CBD oil you will find all the benefits of hemp and CBD and that in high concentrations.

THC, the substance that gets you high, has been removed, so you don't have to worry about experiencing other effects if you use the CBD oil. Since it is very powerful, you can combat your complaints with a small dose. Your life will improve significantly with a product that is completely natural and free from side effects.


The 20% CBD oil is specifically intended for people who need a slightly higher dose and who already have experience with, for example, the 10% CBD oil from CannaCans. With a few drops 3 times a day you will notice big differences and your complaints will decrease considerably. 20% CBD oil from CannaCans is completely natural and that means you can take it safely. It also means that the oil cannot be kept indefinitely. Therefore, after opening, keep it in the refrigerator or in another cool dark place and keep a close eye on the expiration date.

Order your 20% CBD oil from CannaCans at CBD point and you will receive it quickly. You can therefore enjoy the benefits of CBD and hemp in no time. Stress and pain are a thing of the past.

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  1. Anke Slaats -

    This is really the best CBD oil I have ever used, I really notice the difference!

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